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He Emptied the Drawers and the Trash Can

When a woman told her adult stepson he couldn't take dresser drawers full of clothing out of her house, he obeyed and left her drawers—but emptied an entire can full of garbage on the hood of her car, according to a Pima County Sheriff's Department report.

The woman called sheriff's deputies to her home, where she told them the night before, her live-in young-adult stepson had hosted a party at their house after she and her husband had gone to bed—which was against their rules. The next morning, she said, she found he'd had a female sleeping at their house—also not allowed.

When she told him this was unacceptable behavior, he reportedly became angry and started going through the motions of moving out—but instead of packing his belongings in boxes or bags, he started trying to carry things out to his car in dresser drawers that belonged to the reportee (he apparently didn't want to bother taking his stuff out of the drawers).

When his stepmother denied him the drawers, he allegedly started yelling curses at her, then went out to her car and started smearing mud all over it—in fact covering the entire driver's side—before he picked up a nearby can full of trash and overturned it on her car's hood, immediately storming off.

Deputies photographed her car, which indeed wasn't a pretty sight. The stepson hadn't been located at the time of the report.

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