Police Dispatch

That's Not Very Sweet

West Irvington Road

Dec. 7, 11:26 a.m.

Hostility among honey vendors escalated into a small-scale (OK, very small-scale) turf war, a PCSD report said.

Deputies were called to a disturbance at the intersection of Irvington and Kinney roads, where a man and woman selling local honey on the corner told them another person was selling his own honey on the very same corner—and he'd erected so many signs as to interfere with their sales.

The male reportee said he'd approached the other man's station and moved one of his signs, accidentally causing it to topple—whereupon his rival got "super mad," started yelling curses and then overturned the woman's table, breaking several honey jars.

Since the opposing side's story essentially matched the reportees', deputies cited the table-kicker and made him move to another corner, thereby hopefully halting the honey wars.

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