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Maybe She Needed Some Post-Breakup Comforting...

San Xavier Beat

Nov. 2, 4:35 p.m.

A local man's ex-girlfriend came into his house without permission to commit a rather out-of-the-ordinary burglary—the heist of two comforters, according to a Pima County Sheriff's Department report.

The reportee told sheriff's deputies that a couple days ago while he was out, his housemate had called him and told him someone had just been in the house: The housemate had allegedly heard the doorbell ring, but when he went to look through the peephole, it was covered up and he couldn't see bell-ringer—so, frightened, he hid in a closet. While he was in there, the housemate said, he heard someone wandering around the residence for quite awhile before finally leaving (the door had been unlocked).

When the reportee arrived home, he found that two of his comforters were missing.

The reportee told deputies he knew the intruder had been his ex-girlfriend, since she used to live in that house with him and currently had a civil lawsuit against him concerning numerous items of hers that she claimed he possessed—including, apparently, the two missing comforters. He said he had an email as evidence she'd been harassing him.

At the time of the report, deputies weren't able to ascertain that the ex had indeed stolen the comforters, but they gave the reportee a victim's-rights pamphlet that might help him obtain an order of protection against her.

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