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Hoodlum Queen Evicted From the 'Hood

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Oct. 31, 2:31 p.m.

A tenant in an east-side apartment complex was cussed at and threatened by an elderly woman—possibly a neighbor—who bragged of having a squad of "hoodlums" at her beck and call, according to a Pima County Sheriff's Department report.

The victim spoke to sheriff's deputies in person about the issues he'd been having with the older woman, whom he'd run into several times at his gated apartment complex. The first time, he said, she was on the other side of the entrance gate, and when he wouldn't let her in—presuming she didn't live there—she started yelling swear words at him and calling him a "stupid motherfucker" while he calmly tried to de-escalate the situation (eventually having to walk away).

He said another time, he'd spotted her from a distance—but inside the complex—and as soon as she saw him, she started screaming again and quickly approached him. When she was close enough to talk to him, he made out one sentence: "Maybe I'll have my hoodlums come kick your ass!" The victim then told the complex's management about the woman.

As it turned out, this older lady was the mother of one of the complex's tenants whom the management had been thinking about evicting due to her mother's behavior. Since the cops were on scene to help, a manager was finally able to serve the daughter with eviction papers.

The self-identified "hoodlum" leader couldn't be found for interview.

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