Police Dispatch

“Gimme My Speakers, or the Kid’s T-Shirt Gets It”

Foothills Area 10:24, 5:25 p.m.

A woman's ex-boyfriend (and her son's father) broke into her trailer and stole a bunch of her son's clothing, possibly angry that she'd kept his speakers after their breakup—and effectively seeking to hold the son's clothing "hostage" till he got his stuff, a PCSD report stated.

The reportee called the Sheriff's Department to say she'd come home that day to find her door pried open and many of her son's clothes missing.

However, apparently she had a very casual attitude about her ex's behavior, since by the time deputies arrived at her residence, she'd already texted him, and he'd readily admitted to taking the clothes and had even stopped by to return them. In exchange, the woman suggested to deputies (not being very clear), she'd given him some speakers she'd been keeping in her trailer that may or may not have belonged to him.

The reportee had originally wanted to her ex punished for inflicting pry marks on her door, but she later decided not to press charges, and the case was closed. She "stated it (was) not uncommon for (her ex) to break into the residence."

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