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Should’ve Asked if He Smoked?

San Xavier Beat

Oct. 24, 2:50 a.m.

Right in the middle of brazenly shoplifting hundreds of dollars worth of cigarettes from a convenience store, a man casually told the store's clerk he'd share a few of them—apparently presuming his pathetic bribe was so generous that the clerk wouldn't call the cops, according to a Pima County Sheriff's Department report.

When sheriff's deputies arrived at his west-side Circle K store, the clerk said a small young Caucasian male—whom he'd never seen in the store before—had entered while the reportee was away from the sales counter, stocking and cleaning nearby. The man reportedly headed directly for the counter and hopped right over it, then pulled from his pocket a "giant sack" and began filling it with tons of cigarettes.

While he was filling his sack, the reportee told deputies, the subject glanced up and asked him what time he got off work, declaring "he would be happy to give some of the cigarettes to him toshare with him," to which the clerk responded, "No thanks."

The subject left on foot after filling up his bag, and the clerk immediately called law enforcement, which arrived promptly—unfortunately, not in time to locate the shoplifter in the area. No fingerprints were lifted.

The store's security-camera footage showed the man swooshing cigarettes—mostly Marlboros—off a top shelf and into his sack, as well as grabbing some alcohol (Captain Morgan rum and Southern Comfort whiskey) before leaving the store. He may have also reached under the counter and taken lottery tickets, the police report said.

The security video was kept for evidence.

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