Police Dispatch

O Captain! My Captain… America!

Foothills Area

August 21, 8:14 p.m.

A couch-surfing thief made a rather strange and daring—but potentially lucrative—decision about what object to steal from the home of his benefactors, according to a Pima County Sheriff's Department report.

The victim of the burglary told sheriff's deputies he collected Avengers and X-Men action figures and had especially prized a certain figurine representing Captain America, 22 inches tall and worth about $400—which was now missing.

He said he'd determined that it must've been stolen by his housemate's boyfriend—now ex-boyfriend—whom she'd allowed to stay on their couch for a little while, since he was homeless at the time.

Deputies eventually tracked down the figurine, which had shown up at a local pawn shop. The ex-boyfriend, however, seemed to have the super power of disappearing off the face of the earth—at the time of the police report, he hadn't been found.

But as it turned out, while the ex-boyfriend may have stolen the Captain America, it had been pawned by the housemate. She was arrested for burglary.

The Captain America was being held as evidence, but the victim was assured he'd get the doll back as soon as his housemate's trial was over.

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