Police Dispatch

Illegal Dump Dumping

San Xavier Beat

Sept. 28, 10:21 p.m.

A west-side trailer resident was arrested for dumping his feces on the ground right outside his home—and then threatening to kill anyone who complained about the resulting stench, according to a Pima County Sheriff's Department report.

Responding to a report by a neighbor, a sheriff's deputy found the subject at home in his trailer; the man came out and agreed to speak with the deputy only if he stood just off the subject's actual property during their interview ("or else there would be problems").

When the deputy questioned him (across his property line) about the feces dumping, the subject matter-of-factly said yes, he was indeed chucking his own waste directly onto the ground and not in a toilet).

Asked why he was dumping his feces on the ground, the man said "it was his property and he could do what he wanted," further explaining that he was "fertilizing the ground." One sheriff did see a spot near his trailer that "appeared to be wet," apparently "where he was dumping feces and watering it down." The deputy "noted the odor to be very bad."

Since the subject was acting increasingly belligerent—and it was discovered he had several warrants out for his arrest—the deputy called for backup. While waiting for another unit, he interviewed the neighbor who reported the incident, who said the subject had been dumping his waste outside for approximately the last six months. He felt it was a health hazard, he said, besides the fact that "it smell(ed) really bad."

The reportee said the man was always confrontational with other neighbors and frequently came out of his trailer to scream at anyone who came near, yelling, "I'm going to shoot you guys!"

Some of the subject's other neighbors said when he left his house, "he appeared to be high all the time," though deputies saw no signs of drug use that day.

The original deputy the scene, along with a backup officer, handcuffed the subject and prepared to arrest him on his existing warrants plus the new charge of disorderly conduct, since his feces-dumping was "offending people and they were upset."

The man again referred to fertilizing his property with his waste, but this time he treated the idea as a joke, saying that unfortunately "he did not see any greenery growing and felt his fertilization was not potent enough."

Before he was brought to jail, the deputies told the reportee to call again if the subject continued his feces-dumping habits after his release.

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