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Couldn't Scream Her Way Out of It

San Xavier Beat

August 11, 5:15 a.m.

A woman being investigated for screaming didn't even try to explain herself to law enforcement—she just wouldn't stop screaming—so she ended up in jail (where she was left still yelling in a cell), a PCSD report stated.

Deputies were called to a west-side trailer park regarding excessive noise—screaming—coming from inside the subject's trailer. When deputies approached her outside her residence, she immediately began screaming at them (unintelligible utterances mixed with nonsensical things, such as a repeated statement about "a man on the phone!").

She wouldn't give deputies her name or explain why she was screaming—she just kept on screaming—even when deputies said they needed to arrest her for disturbing the peace and offered to let her put shoes on and lock her house before they took her away.

Eventually deputies simply had to drag her, literally kicking and screaming (and barefoot), to their patrol car and then jail.

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