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Not a Gift Horse

Rincon Beat July 11, 12:45 a.m.

A rural Tucson woman showed great kindness to an acquaintance, giving him a place to stay and letting him borrow valuable things—only to be led on a "wild horse chase" after she loaned him her horse and he apparently stole it (among other things), a PCSD report stated.

The reportee told deputies that a few weeks ago, she'd learned that a neighbor of her ex-husband was in a tough spot and needed a place to live, so she took him in. Since then, she'd been finding things around her house missing, including some prescription pills, and she suspected this man of stealing them.

Then, earlier that day (it was after midnight when she called law enforcement), this man had allegedly asked to borrow her horse "for a short ride" and simply never returned.

She'd called his cell phone repeatedly while he was out, she said, and he answered, but he kept telling her he was at completely different locations (presumably with the horse)— so when "she would go check those areas out, he was not there."

The reportee admitted that since it had only been a few hours, she wasn't sure whether her acquaintance had actually stolen her horse or was just messing with her. Further, she wasn't positive of his real name.

So, according to the report, "At this point, there was nowhere to look for the horse or (the subject) and no confirmed identity could be made on (the subject)." The case was closed pending further developments.

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