Police Dispatch

He Went Out With Many Bangs

San Xavier Beat

June 10, 8:27 a.m.

Two local apartment-complex residents were relieved of a noisy neighbor when he was finally jailed after screaming and banging around in the predawn hours (and treating the cops beyond rudely), a PCSD report stated.

The man who lived on one side of the subject—and had been bothered by noise from the adjoining apartment for quite some time, he said—finally became sufficiently fed up with him to call law enforcement early one morning.

He told deputies on the scene that at about 3:30 a.m., his neighbor had awoken him by dropping something metal that caused a very loud bang and then proceeding to yell, "Fucking kill me!" followed by a long (and loud) stream of mostly indiscernible "swearing and yelling" (dispersed with racial slurs). He also allegedly started banging on the wall with his fists.

When law enforcement went to the alleged yeller's door, one deputy recognized him as a troublemaker from a previous case. In response to the deputies' request to step outside his apartment to speak with them, the man simply told them to "fuck off."

When he eventually agreed to talk to them, he admitted he'd been yelling at the reportee through their shared apartment wall, but he claimed he only started yelling after the other man had started an argument.

After the woman on the other side of his apartment complained too, however, the man was arrested for disturbing the peace.

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