Police Dispatch

Golf Cart Slippery When Wet

UA Area

12:53 a.m., April 10

A few dripping-wet young men made a small spectacle while clumsily trying to flee the law after breaking into a UA swimming pool in the middle of the night, a UAPD report stated.

An officer on duty after midnight heard the alarm go off at the UA's Hillenbrand Aquatic Center and called for backup. Other officers arrived just in time to see three young men climbing out of the pool area over the pool's west wall, fully clothed but barefoot and soaked with water.

The young men were trying to use a golf cart parked nearby to aid their journey down from the tall wall. From the top of the wall, they were hopping onto the golf cart's roof and then slipping to the ground from there. One of the subjects "jumped onto the golf cart, slipped and landed on his face" (but luckily wasn't really hurt).

When in the officers' custody, the young men said they were in high school and had just been hanging around outside the pool eating pizza when they'd heard other people already inside, using the diving boards, so they'd climbed in too. Apparently the other people—perhaps UA students more adept at breaking into the pool—had already escaped.

The high-school boys were cited and released for trespassing.

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