Police Dispatch

“But Officer, I’m Speed-Blind!”

UA Area

May 30, 2:18 a.m.

A young man didn't even bother to make the lamest excuse when a cop caught him showing off the speed of his Chevy Camaro in the middle of town at 2 a.m., according to a University of Arizona Police Department report.

A UAPD officer traveling northbound on Campbell Avenue saw the subject going the other direction (southbound) in his car at a "high rate of speed" before he screeched to a stop at a stoplight at Sixth Avenue—which gave the officer a chance to turn around and follow him. When the light turned green, the car again "peeled out" at about 90–100 miles per hour, according to the officer's estimate.

The officer followed the man through two more stoplights (both of which required him to slam on his brakes), at one point officially clocking in the subject's speed at 75 miles per hour. Finally the officer put on his siren and lights to indicate that he wanted the Camaro to stop.

The young sports-car driver rolled down his window and said he "did not know" why he'd been pulled over. When the UA officer "informed him that (he'd) observed his recent driving behavior," the subject "did not seem to have a response to the statement."

The subject had a passenger with him, but the reporting officer didn't specify this person's gender, nor did he mention whether the passenger seemed to have been impressed with the subject's car. The driver was cited and released for criminal speeding and "exhibition of speed."

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