Police Dispatch

Well, the Other Stuff Wasn’t Oregano

UA Area

April 10, 10:40 p.m.

Police in a UA parking garage made a drug bust—but not as big of a bust as they might've anticipated from appearances, according to a UAPD report.

While patrolling the Tyndall Avenue parking garage, a UA officer approached a suspicious-looking vehicle that was parked but still had its engine on and two people inside moving around. When he approached, a young man and a young woman got out of the car—and with them came a strong odor of marijuana smoke.

When questioned, both subjects (UA students) emphatically denied smoking marijuana—until the officer said he could easily smell it, at which point the male said he had smoked, but he claimed it was three hours ago (which seemed doubtful, considering the strength of the odor and the fact that he appeared to have marijuana on his pants). A second officer was called to the scene to assist in searching the car.

In the vehicle the officers found two baggies: one containing a leafy green substance presumed to be marijuana, and the other full of white powder that looked like cocaine. The male student promptly said the white powdery substance was actually powdered sugar—another dubious claim.

But a subsequent test on the powder came up negative for cocaine... and the substance did smell sweet, like powdered sugar—which indeed it turned out to be.

The male student was cited for possession of marijuana, since the other baggie's contents did turn out to be weed.

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