Police Dispatch

Not That Kind of Pick-Up

UA Area

April 11, 8:29 p.m.

A co-ed walking around in a bathing suit got away with propositioning a male cop—twice—when picked up off the street late at night, a UAPolice Department report stated.

The UA officer was in his vehicle when he saw the girl swaying down the sidewalk in the dark, barefoot and wearing nothing but a bikini. When he stopped her, she readily admitted she was drunk and underage, having just left a frat party.

When the officer had her sit in the rear seat of his car, on the passenger side, she started moving toward the middle and patted the seat beside her, asking him, "Are you lonely?"

When he said no, she asked yet again, saying, "Are you sure?"

After assuring her that indeed he wasn't lonely, he told her she could participate in a diversion program instead of receiving a citation for underage drinking, and she agreed. He then drove her back to her dormitory to ensure she was safe. The officer noted that she was hiccupping throughout the ride.

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