Police Dispatch

Right Up His Alley

Tucson Mountain Beat

March 15, 10:44 p.m.

A golf club, street barricade and car wheel were used as weapons in a small-scale turf war over who held the rights to use an alley, a PCSD report stated.

Dispatch received a call from a west-side homeowner who was apparently still engaged in the altercation, yelling at the calltaker, "This fucker is hitting me!"

When deputies arrived at the caller's neighborhood, the fight was over but he was still upset, saying two people had just trespassed on his property, one of whom had assaulted him with the very objects he'd used to help establish his property line.

The reportee indicated that since he was tired of people cutting through a nearby alleyway (which he said he owned), he'd blocked it off with debris, including a large traffic barricade and a wheel. That night, he said, he'd seen a man trying to pass through the alley anyway, and when he emerged to confront him, the alley intruder screamed at him, "I'm going to kick your fucking ass!"

He then allegedly threw the large barricade (hitting the reportee's arm), rolled the wheel toward the reportee and tried to strike his head with a golf club.

When deputies found the subject, he admitted to the argument but denied any violence, saying he hadn't thrown the barricade but was only trying to "move it out of the way."

Since the subject had a warrant out for his arrest and the reportee's arm showed a big red mark (supposedly from the barricade hitting him), the subject was jailed.

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