Police Dispatch

Compare the Cuisine?

Foothills Area

March 10, 11:45 p.m.

A man seemed relatively content to be living in jail for awhile after walked out on his tab at an Applebee's restaurant, according to a Pima Count Sheriff's Department report.

Applebee's employees told sheriff's deputies that the subject's "behavior made a change for the worse while (he was) at the establishment." After his Visa card was declined when he tried to pay his tab, he started cursing at them and walked out; when the manager tried to stop him, he yelled that he was going to get money.

A deputy found the man heading away from the restaurant on foot, talking on the phone, and pulled him over. The man seemed surprised that he'd be arrested for not paying Applebee's, but he made another phone call to try to secure the money from an acquaintance. When he failed to do so, the deputy infirmed him he'd have to go to jail, and the subject said, "Fuck it. ... Let's roll."

The deputy said, "Okay."

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