Police Dispatch

Swank Sweatshirt Swindler

UA Area

March 9, 2:44 p.m.

A fashion-forward young man attending the UA had his dorm room mysteriously burglarized—and although all that was taken were three sweatshirts ... well, they were very expensive ones, a UA Police Department report stated.

A UA officer met the student at his room in La Paz Hall, 602 N. Highland Ave., where the reportee explained that he'd recently noticed he was missing three hooded sweatshirts, all featuring camouflage print: a full-length zip-up hoodie with regular camouflage print (presumably in black, brown and green) made by the label "Bathing Ape" (valued at $450); another sweatshirt, by the same label, boasting the white silhouette of an ape against an orange-and-back camouflage pattern (worth about $300); and finally another hoodie in a "multicolor zebra camouflage" print, made by the label "Supreme" (also appraised at $300). The victim stated these were limited-edition sweaters, together worth $1,050. He usually kept them on a rack just inside his dorm-room doorway, he said.

But upon inspection, neither the door nor its lock appeared to have been tampered with. The student was sure he hadn't misplaced the sweatshirts or somehow left them at home in Utah. He was on very good terms with his dorm-mate, he said, whom he seriously doubted took the sweatshirts; likewise, he didn't think any of his friends who'd entered the room would've (or could've) stolen them.

With no leads, the UA officer could do nothing to help the victim get his clothing back, but the student vowed to contact the university police again and press charges if he obtained any possible further information regarding the designer-sweatshirt burglar.

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