Police Dispatch

Handwriting is on the car

West Linda Vista Boulevard

March 6, 1:39 p.m.

Someone may have gotten away with vehicle vandalism, as well as writing an oddly passive-aggressive—but unequivocally threatening—note to a neighbor who'd parked in her space, according to a PCSD report.

A deputy responded to the parking lot of Crescent Ridge Apartments, 3980 W. Linda Vista Blvd., where he met a resident who owned a GMC Yukon that she'd parked in someone else's space last night. That day when she went to her car, she said, it had a big scratch on it—possibly made with a key—as well as writing scrawled in crayon on the rear windshield reading, "Move your car bitch." Perhaps the most alarming (and peculiar) thing left on her vehicle was a dissonant note on a piece of paper stuck to the front windshield, written very formally—almost politely—but ending with a threat, a profane sign-off and a very out-of-context emoticon.

The note read: "To whoever is parked here, this is not your spot. You need to leave this spot. This is my designated spot. If it is not moved by 6 p.m. tonight, your tires will be slashed and your brake line cut. Fuck you." Immediately following the expletive was a hand-drawn smiley face.

The deputy went to the apartment complex's office to view the handwriting in the lease paperwork for the unit corresponding with the parking space—which he noticed matched the handwriting in the note and on the rear window.

When he met with the subject who'd filled out the paperwork, she flatly denied the threat and vandalism, saying that "a lot of weird things happen at that apartment complex" and even insisting that she herself had recently gotten a note just like the reportee's.

But when she was able to produce the note for the deputy, he saw that it was in different handwriting from the other one, as if the subject had written it herself purposefully in a different style. She was also apparently confused regarding when she'd arrived home the previous night. She was full of inconsistencies, just like the threatening note—which it appeared she'd written.

Ultimately, though, the deputy couldn't obtain enough concrete evidence to arrest her.

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