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Crabby Cabby (With Good Reason)

Foothills Beat

February 2, 3:21 a.m.

A man refused to pay his cab fare and then accused law enforcement of "forcing him" to withdraw money from his bank account, according to a Pima County Sheriff's Department report.

Sheriff's deputies found the man (likely intoxicated) at a north-side Circle K, where he was mumbling incoherently. Luckily, the taxi driver who'd driven him there was also on scene to explain the circumstances to one deputy outside. Allegedly, the driver had taken the subject all the way to River and Oracle roads from the Saddlehorn Saloon, 6300 E. Tanque Verde Road. The driver said the man owed him $30.

Meanwhile, the subject was inside the Circle K with two other deputies trying to withdraw money from the ATM, still mumbling statements that didn't make much sense, like, "Go by the numbers" and saying that his aunt is a congresswoman.

He then asked one deputy to hold his wallet for him (which the deputy refused to do). After this deputy specifically told the man that he wasn't going to force him to withdraw any cash—the subject "had to do it on his own free will" or would be arrested for theft of services—the subject "began making allegations that (the deputy) was forcing him to withdraw the money."

At this point deputies had to handcuff the man—but he continued refusing to cooperate, and kept demanding that deputies "Go by the numbers." When deputies finally got him to try to explain what he meant, the man said, "One, scoot back, two move your feet." (Which made even less sense to others on the scene.) He then kept demanding that deputies call his aunt the congresswoman.

The man was arrested on an outstanding warrant; the cab driver never got his fee.

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