Police Dispatch

Tacky Fingers

North Oracle Road

Jan. 30, 12:33 p.m.

After paying for his meal (but before completing it), a diner at a local restaurant not only didn't tip the counter person.... but blatantly stole the scant money already in the tip jar, according to a PCSD report.

Deputies were called to Sammy's Mexican Grill, 16502 N. Oracle Rd., where staff said the counter employee had rung up the bill for the subject's meal, and the subject had paid it and sat down at a table, where his meal was soon served to him. But immediately after he'd left the counter, the tip jar near the register was found to be completely empty (formerly nonempty). Security-camera footage showed that when the register person's back had been turned, the man had reached right into the jar, withdrew the money inside and stuffed it in his pocket before sitting down.

Deputies arrived to find the man still at his table, calmly eating. When confronted about stealing the money, he readily admitted to it, saying, "If you don't mind, I can take it out of my pocket and give it back to them and I will leave."

He then withdrew two dollar bills, saying (truthfully) that was all the money that had been in the tip jar. After apologizing profusely, he said he "took it because he was stupid" and he had "sticky fingers."

After the tips were returned, the man was cited and banned from the place.

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