Police Dispatch

His bark is worse than his bite

Foothills Area December 13, 7:18 a.m.

When a north-side man confronted his neighbor about a constantly barking canine, the neighbor verbally assaulted the man and scared him with a gun—then said the gun was fake and passively offered the aphorism, "Dogs will be dogs," a PCSD report stated.

A deputy met with the reportee, who said his neighbor's dog barked almost constantly—so the previous evening he'd gone to the man's house to discuss it. When the neighbor answered the door, he said, he was holding a gun—and upon mention of the dog, he started cussing out the reportee, telling him to "get the 'F' off (his) property."

But when the reportee said the gun was "a mistake," the neighbor allegedly backed off, admitting it wasn't real (in fact, he said it was a toy)—and dismissed his dog's barking by rambling, "Dogs will be dogs. ... They will bark. ... That (is) what they do."

When the deputy met with the subject, he re-affirmed that his gun was fake and insisted his dog didn't bark that much and only went outside to "go to the bathroom."

The reportee was told that it might be wisest to go to the Pima County Animal Care Center with his complaints.

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