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One (very) tough customer

Catalina Beat Jan. 10, 11:06 a.m.

A random gas-station patron on a Sunday morning was brutally unkind to an attendant—actually making her cry—for absolutely no discernible reason, according to a Pima County Sheriff's Department report.

The unfortunate attendant told sheriff's deputies that the man—who drove a white Chevrolet Malibu—had first come into the gas station's store and asked her to put $10 on pump #3, apparently with at least a modicum of civility. But a few minutes later he reappeared, suddenly acting very aggressively and yelling, "I said pump #2! Are you fucking retarded?!"

He then reportedly proceeded to call her a "stupid bitch" and "dumbass" before leaving in a huff, rudely demanding that she "just put it on fucking two."

The woman said several customers in the store had remarked on this man's extreme hostility and affirmed that the incident had really upset her—which was made clear by the tears welling from her eyes as she told deputies her story.

The reportee had resourcefully attained the license-plate number of the car driven by the vicious customer, but when deputies pulled up the owner's photo from the Motor Vehicle Division, she said it didn't look like the subject—nor could deputies locate the owner, since both his phone numbers on record had been unlisted, and apparently he was unreachable by address.

The slander victim said the store had a security camera, but its monitor was broken, so she'd have to get a copy of the incident's taping from the corporate office and contact deputies about it later.

They never heard from her (hopefully indicating her recovery from the trauma of the event).

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