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Another "Thrift-shoplifting" Escapade

Rincon Beat

Dec. 10, 7:45 p.m.

A trio of troublemakers didn't show any goodwill toward a Goodwill store—committing trespassing, shoplifting and public indecency there, a PCSD report said.

Deputies were initially called regarding a woman whom a store employee had recognized as having been banned from the store because the last time she was there, "she got naked" in front of customers.

Deputies apprehended her easily (still in the store) and arrested her once they discovered she'd never shown up in court after being cited for the nudity incident. She was taken to jail on the warrant as well as for trespassing.

Staff had also discovered from a surveillance video that one of her two male companions had walked out of the store wearing a pair of unpaid-for shoes. (Her third companion hadn't been stealing or trespassing, but staff decided they wanted him banned from the store too.)

Deputies found the shoe-shoplifting man at a nearby bus stop just as he was tying the laces of his "new" footwear—which still had a Goodwill price sticker on them, as well as "$9.99" scribbled on one sole. Deputies took back the shoes and, after determining this man had no warrants, they cited and released him.

He left the scene (ostensibly just in his stocking feet) after being told he was likewise banned from that store—and remarking, "It's a bad day when you get trespassed from a Goodwill."

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