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He Wasn't Given the Green Light(s)

San Xavier Beat

Nov. 13, 7:12 p.m.

A local homeowner experienced a mysterious theft when someone stole a bunch of green light bulbs she'd put out in front of her house, a Pima County Sheriff's Department report said.

Sheriff's deputies met the victim outside her residence, where her family had installed green porch lights to honor vets on Veterans Day (a custom in accordance with a new "Green Light a Vet" campaign made popular by Walmart). That evening, she said, she'd gone outside to get something from her car when she noticed that her front yard was completely dark—someone had unscrewed and stolen all her newly replaced light bulbs (which had apparently been numerous, installed all around the front of the house and garage).

She said her husband had come outside with her and shouted, at which point they saw the dark silhouette of a man running away from their house—likely the light-bulb thief.

The reportee said she had no idea who would've wanted to steal her light bulbs, and she didn't think the action was motivated by animosity against veterans—it all seemed so odd and random, and no other nearby home's green lights had been stolen.

Deputies performed a thorough search of the area but found no sign of a suspicious person with an armful of light bulbs. The reportee was advised to call the PCSD if all her outdoor lights were ever to go missing again.

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