Police Dispatch

Everybody Should Have One?

UA Area Nov. 29, 5:11 p.m.

Someone broke into a UA student's car, tearing apart its contents but stealing only one odd and inexpensive item—a "wrist exerciser"—a UA Police Department report said.

The young male student told officers his 2005 Honda Pilot had been in the Park Avenue Garage, 1140 N. Park Ave., before Thanksgiving vacation. When he returned to it five days later, he said, it was unlocked (he remembered locking it) and all the items inside had been thrown all over the vehicles interior—except a ream of paper, which had been emptied all around the parking lot. A piece of one of the car's door panels had been strangely removed and placed in the trunk. The vehicle wouldn't start.

The only thing the victim identified as actually missing from the car, however, was a wrist exerciser (a squeezable contraption that helps a person exercise one's wrist).

The young man said he didn't care about the stolen "equipment," but he certainly wanted to make a report. UA officers were able to help him start his vehicle again, but they didn't locate the vandal and wrist-exerciser thief.