Police Dispatch

Hello, Pokey

Foothills Area

Nov. 13, 2:18 a.m.

The world received more evidence that a certain feline Japanese cartoon character—first marketed toward pre-adolescent girls—is now popular with a much broader audience when law enforcement found a Hello Kitty wallet concealing what appeared to be heroin paraphernalia, a PCSD report stated.

Someone made a suspicious-person call after spotting an adult blonde female sitting on a sidewalk near a Circle K convenience store (wearing "a lot of clothes") for a full 40 minutes. She was still sitting in the area when deputies arrived.

Once deputies told her she'd been accused of loitering and obtained her ID, they discovered that she already had three warrants out for her arrest.

Upon searching the subject's backpack, deputies found a harmless-looking wallet with a big picture of Hello Kitty on it—inside of which was an empty syringe containing a small amount of a blackish-red substance. Deputies found another syringe (this one empty) in a pocket of the backpack. They determined that these needles "did not appear to be in her possession for medical use."

The woman was brought to jail, where her Hello Kitty wallet may or may not have been confiscated as evidence.

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