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Better the Birds Than You!

San Xavier Beat November 12, 5:23 p.m.

A brave homeowner stood up to a massive man with a big truck and several guns when that man started shooting pigeons in his quiet neighborhood, a PCSDreport said.

The reportee told a deputy that he'd heard gunshots in his neighborhood and, following their sound, came upon a man pulled over in a Ford Bronco shooting at pigeons with a pellet gun. The reportee asked the subject to stop shooting, since the man's family was around and he felt it might be unsafe.

The subject abruptly got very angry and took out another gun—this one looking to be real, perhaps a .45 caliber glock (not a pellet gun), though the reportee couldn't be sure—and pointed it at him.

"Are we going to have a problem?" said the subject—a 250-pound male with a black beard—while still waving his gun. "Do you want me to get down?"

Without waiting for a response, the man then jumped back in his truck and peeled away—only to immediately crash into a nearby tree. But he was able to keep driving after that.

Fortunately nobody was hurt; unfortunately the reportee didn't get the Bronco's license-plate number, and deputies weren't able to locate him in the area.

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