Police Dispatch

For the Love of Fried Chicken

Green Valley November 14, 4:22 p.m.

A man apparently loved his job so much that he refused to leave when fired—even though he was only a minimum-wage worker at a fried-chicken fast-food joint, according to a Pima County Sheriff's Department report.

Sheriff's deputies arrived at the man's former place of work—KFC—to find him standing outside the restaurant defiantly, after he'd been let go and his former boss wanted him off the property. The manager told deputies he fired the man because he'd been acting aggressive and arguing with him all day. He said that once he fired the individual, he pushed the manager and asked him to "come outside" so they could fight.

When the subject was questioned, he said it was the manager—who'd also fired two other employees just yesterday—who'd actually pushed him. The subject started to "tear up" in anguish when speaking of his job, where he'd apparently worked for years. He said the manager who'd fired him wasn't as devoted to his job, as he'd only worked there a little more than a year and was actually only a temporary manager anyway. His eyes then really began to water and he started crying.

Sadly for the subject, other employees had seen him pushing the manager. After he was cited and released, he reluctantly agreed never to return to KFC again.

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