Police Dispatch

(Don’t) Stop and Smell the Flowers

UA Area

October 28, 10:36 p.m.

A UA student became sick after handling a flower given to her by a strange man from off campus, a UA Police Department report stated.

UA officers were dispatched to the university’s Main Library, 1510 E. University Blvd., on a “medical assist” call to help a female student claiming to have fallen ill after holding and smelling a white lily.

Upon interview, the student said she’d been chatting with a friend in a courtyard near the library—just east of the campus’s Starbucks restaurant—when she was interrupted by an unknown male subject who’d approached and said, “Do you want a pretty flower?” while holding out a while lily. She allegedly took it from his hand and smelled it before she “tensed up,” grabbed her friend’s arm and immediately started to feel sick, also sensing that a rash was developing on her skin.

She said she then handed the flower back to the man, who “seemed disappointed,” and told him to leave—which he did. The reportee’s friend corroborated her story.

After she’d contacted law enforcement and was evaluated by the Tucson Fire Department (found to be OK now), the girl admitted she didn’t think the strange man had been trying to poison her, but that she’d just had an allergic reaction to it—in fact, she remembered licking her finger after touching it. Her off-campus would-be “suitor” was never located.

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