Police Dispatch

She Was the Scary One

West Ajo Highway

October 10, 11:42 p.m.

A criminal-law student engaged in criminal behavior after assaulting a Halloween corn-maze clown and "troll"—displaying behavior more frightening than either of them, according to a Pima County Sheriff's Department report.

Sheriff's deputies located the woman at the ticket booth at Buckelew Farm, 17000 W. Ajo Hwy., evidently irate and likely intoxicated. She told them she'd been minding her own business in the middle of the farm's corn maze when suddenly a security officer confronted her and tried to escort her off the property, accusing her of assaulting a clown employed to startle thrillseekers in the "haunted" maze.

The woman adamantly denied the assault, holding up her hands for deputies to see and declaring she was studying criminal justice at Brown Mackie College—thus "she knew they had a test kit that could test her hands to see if she had hit anybody." (One deputy told her that this testing of her hands wasn't necessary, nor did he in fact have such a kit.)

Asked for the whole story, the woman said she'd visited the farm with some friends and they'd just entered the corn maze when a female clown jumped out and scared her—but she hadn't laid a finger on her, she again insisted. Later in the maze, she said, she was separated from her group by a security guard saying she'd been accused of chasing the clown and "palm-smacking her in the face"—as well as grabbing the arm of another actor, who was dressed as a troll. The troll actor asserted she'd yanked him around aggressively and creepily shouted, "Let me look inside your mask!" (which the subject also denied doing).

She said when she learned that the farm's owners had called law enforcement on her, she called the PCSD herself regarding their refusal to cooperate when she demanded reimbursement of her entrance fee. (She apparently thought deputies were on scene because of her call, not the farm's.)

After official statements from the clown and troll, deputies cited the woman for two counts of assault and placed her in the car she'd ridden in with her friends. She was told never to return to Buckelew Farm.

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