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A Good Fence Didn't Make a Good Neighbor

San Xavier Beat

August 18, 11:39 p.m.

A strange, reclusive homeowner greatly disturbed his neighbors by yelling randomly, throwing rocks and even killing one neighbor's pets, according to a PCSD report.

The couple living next to the man told deputies that night they'd heard him throwing rocks on their roof. Besides making quite a racket, they said, the rock-throwing could eventually cause damage—they were afraid a rock would eventually hit a window or their car. They said their neighbor also occasionally yelled at nobody for no reason. He was an ongoing problem.

Deputies interviewed the neighbor across the street, who said not only had the subject once poured oil all over her driveway—but a couple years ago he'd killed her cats.

She said his former next-door neighbors (who'd lived in the reportee's current house) had actually moved because of him.

Law enforcement had been called before, she said, but the man had never been caught because he always hid inside his home, which was inaccessible—and nobody could prove anything anyway.

Deputies saw that the subject's property was indeed encircled by a tall, impenetrable fence, and they couldn't reach his door. The reportees agreed to deploy a video camera to hopefully catch him trespassing in the


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