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Not What You Want to See on Your TV

San Xavier Beat May 6, 2:54 p.m.

A woman's friend left her a sarcastic parting "thank-you" note by etching an insult directly onto the woman's big-screen TV after she let the subject stay as a guest at her home, a PCSD report stated.

The reportee said she'd been harboring her (former) friend at her Tucson home because the friend was trying to move back from California and didn't have a place to sleep; the friend had also reportedly been giving the subject rides and doing other favors. But after the guest stayed for more than a week and kept demanding more favors, the reportee said, she became fed up and told her then-friend she had to find another place to live long-term.

Then, the woman said, when she'd gone out of town one weekend, she'd returned to find her friend gone without a trace—except for a large note etched into the screen of her large, expensive TV: "FUCK YOU BITCH." The TV had also been punched, completely breaking it, and all the power cords to the components of the reportee's surround-sound system had been cut.

Unfortunately for the victim, deputies couldn't locate the acquaintance, and the case had to be closed.

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