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Facebook Faceoff

Foothills Area

11:06 p.m.

A woman was jailed on suspicion of multiple charges after she drew blood in an apparent attack on her ex-boyfriend simply because he'd offended her on social media, according to a Pima County Sheriff's Department report.

Sherriff's deputies arrived at the ex's house to meet with his sister, who lived with him, and who said the 24-year-old female subject had been "stalking" him ever since he broke up with her three weeks ago. The victim himself confirmed that she'd been contacting him without his permission for some time (though he admitted he'd also contacted her after they'd both agreed to "leave each other alone").

The ex-boyfriend stated that late that night, the young woman had come knocking on his bedroom window, and after he let her into his front yard through a gate, she started screaming at him. "Why the fuck did you block me from Facebook?!" she repeated (making it crystal clear that she didn't intend to let him "block" her in real life).

He said just as things were really escalating with the subject, his sister appeared at their front door and approached the former couple, possibly preventing what was about to be a physical attack—since as she approached them (once her brother had turned away from the subject), the ex-girlfriend suddenly grabbed his arm violently and her nails scratched him so deeply as to draw blood—which deputies could still see on his flesh.

The sister said she'd intervened because she'd heard the subject yelling curses at her brother at the very edge of their front yard, all the way from the kitchen inside their residence. Their mother, who also lived with them, had likewise heard the commotion. In fact, she'd been awoken by it from "a dead sleep," even from as far away as her bedroom.

The ex-girlfriend was adamant that she hadn't meant to harm the victim, only wanting to keep him from walking away from her. She also said she hadn't been yelling—only "talking loudly."

Regardless, she was arrested on charges of domestic violence, disorderly conduct and assault.

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