Police Dispatch

Maybe There's a Little Satan in Us All

San Xavier Beat

May 6, 1:07 a.m.

A drunk young man, incited to fury by a simple lack of computer access, showed no discrimination when expressing his great ire—directing it both physically and verbally toward himself, law enforcement, fellow criminals and even inanimate objects (specifically a TV), according to a Pima County Sheriff's Department report.

Sheriff's deputies got a call about an intoxicated man slamming himself against a wall, yelling and hitting himself. They went to the subject's house, where he lived with his uncle and girlfriend, the latter of whom kept repeating that her boyfriend had been "punching on himself." She said he'd drunk two pints of vodka.

Apparently the subject had engaged in previous inappropriate drunken behavior, and the uncle now wanted him out of his house, saying "he was fed up with his nephew's behavior, he was tired of it and he was going nuts."

That night, the uncle said, he'd turned off the home's computer, and when his nephew wanted to use it the uncle wouldn't give him the password—so the nephew became "outraged" and had a "temper tantrum, beating on his own chest and such." He then reportedly threw a remote control at a television.

By the time deputies found him, he was asleep in bed in the dark. He was groggily compliant with commands to get up and easily allowed himself to be handcuffed. Asked about what had just happened, he said simply that "he did not know, as he was trying to sleep."

But immediately upon regaining full consciousness, he became "outraged" again, telling one of the deputies he was "a fucking pig and he hoped (his) family would die in a car accident." He continued this kind of talk during their whole journey to a patrol vehicle—upon arrival commanding the deputy to "get (his) fucking hands off him." Once inside the vehicle, he expanded his hateful rhetoric to include law enforcement in general, declaring that cops were collectively "Satan."

Then, at the jail, the subject directed his tirade toward his fellow arrestees, yelling at everyone in the booking area so uncontrollably that correctional officers had to take him into a back room.

Finally he was booked for domestic violence and disorderly conduct, as well as on warrants for previous violent acts against others (and/or himself)

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