Police Dispatch

Lucky Dog (Walker)

West Anklam Road

April 15, 8:51 a.m.

A man with disheveled hair walking down Tumamoc Hill assaulted and threatened to harm—or possibly kill—a worker on the hill who advised him against bringing his dogs there, a UA Police Department report stated.

The reportee was apparently a scientist employed to do research on Tumamoc Hill, a site maintained by the University of Arizona and Pima County but open to the public for recreational walking and jogging during certain hours.

The reportee told the UAPD that morning he'd passed a man with shoulder-length, "poorly groomed" hair who was walking down the hill's public path with two German shepherd dogs. When he told the man politely that dogs weren't allowed in the area (and that in fact, even people weren't allowed on the hill at that time of day), the man ignored him, he said, and started to walk away—so the reportee took out his cell phone and warned the subject he'd be calling the police if he didn't leave with his dogs.

At this point, he was reportedly close enough to the reportee that he was able to slap his hand, causing him to drop the phone (fortunately, the reportee caught it before it hit the ground).

At that point, said the scientist, the man had become very belligerent and started ranting, making some kind of statement about being a Vietnam War veteran and rambling on and on about God.

He then allegedly looked the reportee in the eye and said, "God help you if I see you again."

An officer spoke with another scientist on the hill who related a similar story about seeing the man, asking him to leave, and then hearing him "yelling incoherently" as he walked down the hill

Luckily for the subject, UA officers were unable to locate him. They advised the reportee to contact them immediately if he ever saw the scruffy dog-walker again.

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