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Art Imitates Life, Artist Threatens Mass Murder?<

Art Imitates Life, Artist Threatens Mass Murder? UA Area

April 8, 10:15 a.m.

A UA student threatened to shoot everyone at the school—excluding a certain special group of which he was a part, according to a University or Arizona Police Department report.

The interim director of the UA School of Art told an officer there were rumors circulating that one student had said he might "shoot up the school"—specifically "tak(ing) out fraternity members"—but that he would "spare art students."

Confronted by the officer, the subject admitted to making the threats but insisted they were just a joke, saying he had "friends in Greek life" and was "a lover, not a fighter."

The officer believed him but informed him that, "in this day and age," such statements "scare people and should not be made in jest."

The subject apologized and accepted that he'd be reported to the dean of students for his mistake.

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