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Goad Trip

Goad Trip

Redington Road

April 6, 9: 18 p.m.

A trio of transients on a lengthy road trip had a tiff in the middle of the desert—after which the group's most troublesome member propositioned an officer for sex, according to a Pima County Sheriff's Department report.

A woman called the Sheriff's Department saying she was homeless and travelling with her boyfriend and another homeless female—the latter of which had become belligerent and assaulted her.

Sheriff's deputies located the three people near a maroon Ford Aerostar parked at the end of the paved part of Redington Road, near where they said they'd planned to camp on their way from Washington to Oklahoma.

The reportee said that during their whole trip so far, the other female had been hounding and harassing her fellow travelers, "blam(ing) them for all of her problems" and trying to provoke them.

Today they'd gotten into a particularly bad argument, said the reportee, and she'd exited the car to "cool down." But when she tried to re-enter the vehicle, the irksome female reportedly stuck her arm out the window and punched the reportee in the nose.

The subject denied punching the reportee—saying that in fact, it was the reportee who had violent tendencies, since at one point she threw a rock at a cactus. But the subject's version of the story didn't sound very truthful, since it was "constantly fluctuating" and she had difficulty presenting a consistent narrative while all three involved people were present.

When deputies decided to arrest her on suspicion of assault, she started screaming and threatening to "get" the reportee. Then, en route to jail, she told the driving deputy she "believed in Satan" and "constantly experimented with black magic," going on to make inappropriate sexual statements—and then actually propositioning him for sex, asking him to pull over.

He informed her that her utterances were inappropriate and she was soon booked into jail.

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