Police Dispatch

Super High

West Panorama Road

1:56 a.m.

A man who'd taken an unknown controlled substance got extremely high in a way such that he seemingly acquired superhuman strength—breaking down his apartment's heavy-duty front door and (according to his mother) actually throwing his large electric scooter, according to a Pima County Sheriff's Department report.

When sheriff's deputies arrived in front of the subject's apartment complex, they saw him in the middle of the road waving at them and pointing at himself. He had "white stuff" (some kind of powder) at the corners of his mouth and was sweating profusely. According to his own statements, he had broken the door to the residence he shared with his mother, but he'd only "shoved" his scooter—and since it was his own scooter, he felt he hadn't done anything wrong. He said he and his mother had been in an argument (but didn't say what about) and that she'd thrown his clothes out the window.

The mother, on the other hand, gave deputies a very detailed—but extremely convoluted—story involving the little boy next door, a missing cell phone, and the fact that the mother refused to give her son (who was 27 years old) his driver's license, apparently because she was worried about him operating his scooter while "on something." She said he got so irate that he started yelling profanities at her, banged on the front door so hard that he cracked it and "threw his scooter."

At one point, she said, he got physical—grabbing her by her upper arm—which she proved by showing deputies scratches and a red mark. Then, "foaming at the mouth," he reportedly hung up the phone while she was calling law enforcement and ran outside, screaming, "You'll never see me again!" She said she was afraid he was going to run into traffic.

She described him as "weird," "very irritable," and "a little off."

All understatements, deputies perhaps found, when they handcuffed him and put him in their patrol vehicle: While yelling that he was going to "fuck someone up" en route to jail, he repeatedly slammed his head on the patrol vehicle's interior partition and kicked his feet violently "in an animalistic manner."

He was booked for domestic violence, criminal damage and assault..

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