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Vehicle Abuse

Tucson Mountain Beat

April 6, 6:30 p.m.

A man was jailed for violently taking his anger out on another man's car (as well as some nearby signage), according to a PCSD report.

A northwest-side resident told sheriff's deputies that an apparently homeless man had come into his yard asking for a place to stay. The reportee was admittedly quite rude in his response, telling the man, "Dude, you get the fuck outta here." But the subject responded in a much more inappropriate manner, suddenly punching a metal sign on the reportee's property so hard that his fist actually made it concave.

Then, the reportee said, the man started punching his car and "beating on" his trunk. He wouldn't stop, the homeowner said, till he threatened to call law enforcement—at which point the transient ran away.

Deputies caught the man running down a nearby road and then escaping up a wash; they had to chase him down on foot, and he stopped only once they had him at taser-point. He was jailed on charges of criminal damage (actually for damaging the sign—since the car actually held up to his punches, ending up with no dents).

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