Police Dispatch

Peaceful Peace-Disturber

Foothills Area

March 2, 10:40 p.m.

A local hippie type was called to court after he reportedly disturbed the peace with loud music—even though it was folk music—a PCSD report stated.

A deputy was dispatched to an address he recognized from a previous noise-disturbance incident, meeting the reportee in front of the subject's house. From the roadway, the deputy could clearly hear loud music coming from inside the house—from an acoustic guitar. He could also hear people singing.

The reportee said this loud guitar playing and singing had been "happening for a while and was becoming a problem."

When the deputy knocked on the subject's door, nobody answered—so he had to go in the backyard and shine his light around until the owner appeared, "visibly intoxicated" and "slurring his words."

The man seemed completely unconcerned about pending trouble, even "laughing and making jokes" with the officer.

He asked for another "warning"—which he'd received due to a previous noisy singing gathering—but the deputy denied it by giving him a citation, saying the subject must face him in court. The man amicably "laughed and stated he would probably just pay (the fine)."

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