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Underwear Invader

San Xavier Beat

Jan. 30, 6:10 p.m.

A soaking-wet man wearing only his underwear—likely high on marijuana (and possibly more)—was found in a random homeowner's laundry room, which he snuck into to dry the clothes he'd been wearing, a Pima County Sheriff's Department report stated.

Sheriff's deputies arrived at a local couple's residence to find the wife "hysterical," saying she and her husband had just arrived home and parked in their carport when she glanced into their nearby laundry room to see a strange man wearing just his underwear. Afraid he would be a "bother," she called for help to her husband, who "held the door shut with his cane." This was seemingly enough to keep the man from escaping the laundry room.

Deputies soon saw the man escaping the carport area—obviously having re-dressed while trapped in the laundry room—and he was easily apprehended and handcuffed. Deputies found he possessed a sizeable knife and a bag full of marijuana.

The man told a deputy that "he was just trying to dry off" in the homeowners' laundry room, though the report didn't say what might've caused him to be so drenched in the first place (lacking mention of rain).

Once handcuffed, the man seemingly "snapped," becoming extremely aggressive. He was difficult to understand and "appeared to be going in and out of different states of mind."

Informed he was under arrest, he said, "That is fine, let's go and we will talk at the jail."

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