Police Dispatch

Accordion to Her ...

UA Area Jan. 22, 10:45 a.m.

A University of Arizona coed received an unwelcome accordion "serenade" from a male peer, a UA Police Department report stated.

According to the female student, she'd met the subject about three semesters ago in a class, and he asked her name. Then, she said, he found her on Facebook and started sending messages containing "weird" questions and statements—so often that she blocked him.

Undeterred, she said, he subsequently discovered her UA email account, which became his new weird-message medium.

Then, the previous day, she saw her harasser at the Student Union and demanded he stop emailing—but he "(didn't) really respond" to her words.

The same day he reportedly appeared at a meeting she was in where he didn't belong—but when he was forced to leave the meeting room, he stubbornly sat outside. Then he started playing an accordion, loudly—throughout almost the whole meeting. (This was despite numerous requests to stop; even when someone threatened to call the UAPD—though he finally left once an officer actually arrived.)

When the UAPD contacted the accordion player for his side of the story, he insisted that he and the reportee were "friends," though he admitted she hadn't actually responded to any of his many attempts at electronic communication. Regarding the accordion incident, he said he'd originally heard about the meeting through his "friend" (the reportee), and although he wasn't supposed to be there, he felt justified in sitting outside because it was a "music-related group." He said he'd just "wanted to play his music and he was not trying to bother anyone."

In the end, he agreed to stop contacting the reportee, and the deputy sent a Code of Conduct report to the dean of students.

Discomfort Inn Green Valley

Jan. 14, 5:09 p.m.

A man was understandably upset about some unpleasant things in his motel room—including a swarm of bees—but he totally overreacted regarding his refund, according to a Pima County Sheriff's Department report.

The front-desk clerk at a local Comfort Inn told sheriff's deputies that the man had paid for a week there, stayed one night, and then complained that his room was already occupied by a bunch of bees and an unidentified stench.

When he requested a refund for the week, the clerk immediately obliged him—but apparently his credit-card company didn't do it fast enough—and the man took it out on her. When he discovered his card hadn't been refunded within 24 hours, he reportedly stormed into the motel's office, threw receipts at the clerk and started "yelling and screaming" at the poor woman, "getting her very upset."

Deputies charged the angry man with disorderly conduct. Luckily for him, he was cited and released (thus avoiding some truly unpleasant lodgings—jail.)