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OCT. 31, 8:54 A.M.

A woman complained that someone was coming into her residence at night and cutting her hair while she slept, according to a Pima County Sheriff's Department report.

Sheriff's deputies went to the woman's trailer, where she showed them the left side of her head and asked if they could see the place where someone had been cutting her hair off. She said someone had come into her trailer and cut her hair the night before, but it had also "been going on for a long time." She didn't know who would want to break into her residence and cut her hair while she slept, but she was convinced that she actually had a "bald spot" due to this purported perpetrator.

She also said whoever had broken in had stolen a sweater, a pair of reading glasses and some perfume. In addition, she said, the person "tore up her shoes."

Deputies couldn't see a "bald spot" on the woman's head—in fact, they couldn't tell that any of her hair had been cut off at all. Regardless, they recorded the incident and documented the reportedly stolen possessions (including the hair).



OCT. 23, 8:35 P.M.

A drunk man on the street was purposefully showing his penis to a bus full of people and lots of passing cars, a PCSD report said.

Deputies were called to a bus stop near the intersection of Ajo Way and Palo Verde Road, where someone had reported that a man had his pants down and was facing the street, yelling at cars passing by. He'd also reportedly been facing a bus that had just come by.

Deputies found the man still with his pants down—and refusing to pull them up, even after repeated commands to do so. They had to put on rubber gloves and pull his pants up for him, buttoning them as well. One deputy additionally had to reach into his back pocket to retrieve his wallet, from which his ID was acquired.

The man was apparently extremely intoxicated and didn't know where he was. Asked about his pants being down, "He stated he did not know."

The person who reported the incident had been at the bus stop with the subject and had gotten on the bus. He said the people riding the bus had definitely seen the pantsless man, and the bus driver had even made a comment: "People shouldn't have to see that."

The man was brought to jail for indecent exposure.

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