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This week in urination and stabbing trash cans



SEPT. 20, 9:59 P.M.

A man arrested for drunken fighting started to hallucinate and threatened to urinate, a Pima County Sheriff's Department report stated.

Sheriff's deputies responded to a north-side apartment complex, where a fight had occurred involving three males and two females, most or all of whom were apparently intoxicated.

But when they detained one of the males, "it seemed he was under the influence of more than just alcohol."

He couldn't walk nor sit still. He explained his extensive injuries by saying he "got beat up a little bit" and he "really wanted (deputies) on his side."

The situation worsened when he began to see and talk to people who clearly didn't exist. Asked what the fight was about, he said, "These girls ... up there"—pointing at thin air. He later gestured into the distance at someone else nonexistent saying, "That's my lawyer, right there."

He then reversed his report, denying there'd been any fight at all. He flipped off several deputies and started yelling curses and flailing his arms, exhibiting "mood swings from being somewhat jovial to being very angry and hateful."

Put in a patrol vehicle, the subject said, "Come on ... . Let's get the fuck out of here." While being driven to jail, he slipped his handcuff to the front of his body and started trying to kick out the car's window. When the deputy stopped, the subject confusedly asked him, "Who the fuck are you?" then suddenly yelled, "I'm going to kill you!"

Restrained further with Velcro, the man continued to act belligerent en route to the detention center, still moving around and at one point demanding, "Get me out of your vehicle right now or I'm gonna piss in the back seat" (luckily, he didn't follow through).

He was booked on a charge of disorderly conduct. (The other subjects in the fight were apparently cited and released.)



SEPT. 2, 7:12 P.M.

The big boss of a mining corporation mentally snapped and threatened murder after some minor technical issues, according to a PCSD report.

A worker at the company said there had been some electrical problems and water wasn't being pumped correctly out of the mine, so he was called into the superintendent's office. The superintendent was apparently very upset about these issues, throwing a notepad and snapping a pen clean in half. He then allegedly stormed out of his office with a pocket knife yelling, "get out of my way or I'll kill you!" and walked by the worker to viciously stab a garbage can.

The reportee said he'd later tried to call the superintendent, but it seemed he'd checked himself into a mental-health institution. Deputies told the reportee to call if he showed up for work the next morning.

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