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This week in indecent exposure



AUGUST 27, 10:15 A.M.

A man escaped an indecent-exposure charge after publicly sleepwalking naked, because even in sleep—though he had shed his clothes—he'd judiciously covered both his penis and his testicles, according to a Pima County Sheriff's Department report.

A woman at his apartment complex told sheriff's deputies she'd seen the man just after midnight the night before, lumbering around completely naked—but apparently with prudence, since he'd been completely covering his genitalia with his hand.

Another apartment-complex dweller reported he'd seen the subject that night walking naked by the pool (certainly not after skinny dipping, since he hadn't been wet). This reportee likewise said the man's hand had been covering his penis and testicles.

When deputies went to interview the subject, he was still naked when he answered his door—but he was also still covering his genitals, this time with a blanket. After deputies said they'd "feel more comfortable if he would get a pair of shorts on," he donned some jeans and consented to an interview. He said he was on several medications and had a propensity to sleepwalk—and he'd in fact been arrested for indecent exposure three times before.

He said he'd been taking precautions regarding his sleepwalking condition—like locking his door and wearing shorts to bed—but evidently even in his sleep, that night he'd unlocked his door and actually removed his shorts in order to walk around naked.

Nevertheless, he wasn't arrested for indecent exposure because the reportees didn't attest to seeing his genitals, nor did they want to press charges.



SEPTEMBER 12, 11:50 A.M.

A man escaped an indecent-exposure charge after he'd allegedly exposed both his penis and testicles—very consciously and blatantly, although he was clothed—because nobody had solid evidence against him, a PCSD report stated.

The subject's neighbor told a deputy she saw him casually leaning on the front of his house, completely dressed—but with one leg of his shorts pulled up all the way to his crotch, leaving his genitals hanging out.

He was acting so natural standing there, according to his neighbor, that when she walked by, he said, "Hey, what's up?"

She reportedly replied, "What's up with you? Pull your shorts down; I don't want to see that."

She said he then immediately pulled down the leg of his shorts and simply went back into his house, wordlessly.

Upon interview, the man adamantly denied the incident, so there was nothing the deputy could do. But the reportee said he'd exposed himself in several previous instances, so next time she'd try to get a photograph of just the thing(s) she didn't want to see.

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