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Not your typical poop on the sidewalk


AUG. 7, 6:54 P.M.

A drunk man defecated on a public walkway early one evening, completely exposing himself to countless cars driving by, a Pima County Sheriff's Department report stated.

According to dispatch, a random man "went poop on the sidewalk" at the busy intersection of Ajo and Randolph ways.

When sheriff's deputies arrived on scene, the reportee told them he'd been at his place of business nearby when he saw the subject on the sidewalk with his pants around his ankles (apparently without underwear), obviously defecating. Asked if the individual had squatted down and tried to hide behind a tree or anything like that, the reportee said no, he was definitely standing upright, near a telephone pole where he "just dropped his pants to his knees and took a shit on the side of the road." The reportee then got graphic, attesting that he'd clearly seen "shit drop onto the ground."

He said that while the man was pooping, he was passed by many cars whose occupants likely saw the man's fully exposed penis and testicles.

Another deputy nearby apprehended the subject, a 40-something Caucasian male in a UA baseball cap. He was obviously intoxicated—incoherent, slurring and stinking of alcohol. Upon questioning, the man said he'd thought he was on Speedway Boulevard, and he truly couldn't remember whether or not he'd just evacuated his bowels in plain sight.

After deputies photographed "the small pile of excrement" found in the vicinity—which "appeared fresh and human"—they arrested the subject on charges of littering and indecent exposure.

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