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JULY 3, 1:30 P.M.

A local business owner received hundreds of calls from sex-seeking men after someone posted a wild Craiglist personal ad about him, according to a Pima County Sheriff's Department report.

The man told a sheriff's deputy he'd been receiving lewd phone calls from complete strangers on his business line all morning. He refused to give details about the callers' exact words, but he approximated he'd gotten about 600 such calls in the last 14 hours.

The reportee said he'd discovered from one of the random callers that his number was posted on Craigslist, where he found a personal ad posted by someone purporting to be him, stating that he "hated his wife" and "wanted to be with a man and do some role playing."

When the deputy asked the man about anyone who might be seeking revenge against him, he mentioned a former long-time employee he'd fired three days ago. He believed this man to be the Craigslist poster because he'd recently been using drugs heavily, and "this is the type of thing he'd do if he was mad."

The reportee said the volume of calls he'd been receiving from strange men had forced him to turn off his business phone and cease doing business altogether.

Unfortunately, the deputy found no way to prove the ad poster's identity, but he discovered that the reportee could email Craigslist to have the ad removed, which he later reported he did.



JULY 1, 10:08 P.M.

A drunk man got in trouble after going on a profane political rant while crouched in the bushes at a Green Valley shopping center, a PCSD report stated.

Dispatch contacted deputies about a man sighted in the bushes between a Safeway store and a bank who was screaming profanities and saying he didn't want to live anymore.

They located him near the bank with a bicycle and a large can of Steel Reserve malt liquor—apparently much calmed down, as he was merely sitting quietly in a gazebo. Asked what he was doing, the subject said he was "just chilling out, drinking his beer."

Told that it was illegal to drink in public, the man said he didn't know that and he was very sorry. Asked about the screaming that had been reported, the man said "he was just talking about political stuff to himself and got a little bit wound up."

Although he did admit to past use of methamphetamine, he said he wasn't high that night. In fact, he insisted he'd only had two beers—but since he seemed extremely intoxicated, he was made to take a breathalyzer test. It gave a very high reading of 0.150.

Deputies cited the man and called his mother, with whom he lived, to pick him up from the scene.

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