Police Dispatch

Features the phrase "in the vagina with a knife"



DEC. 5, 6 A.M.

A man roused his neighbors at 3:30 a.m. by yelling that someone had killed his wife and daughter. Then he threatened to shoot his neighbors, according to a Pima County Sheriff's Department report.

A neighbor told deputies the man had been standing outside his home shirtless and yelling that someone stabbed his wife "in the vagina with a knife" and also killed his daughter. The neighbor said the man also had been pointing to nearby houses and saying he had plans to shoot "them."

When deputies arrived at the man's house, they heard him screaming inside. One deputy looked through a window and saw the man wearing only shorts and "ranting and raving" in a torn-up living room. Padding had been ripped out of the furniture and a computer was smashed.

When deputies tried to talk to the man, he screamed "Fuck you" and said that if they wanted to help him, they should bring him the people who stabbed his wife and child. After screaming nonsensically for a while, he told the deputies that they—or the SWAT team—should shoot him.

The neighbor who called deputies said he doubted that the man had weapons but that he definitely was mentally unstable. Another neighbor said the man had threatened to shoot him, and he felt seriously in danger.

Deputies later found the man outside his house near a broken window. When they arrested him on suspicion of disorderly conduct (after he refused to go to the Crisis Response Center), his main concern seemed to be getting his cigarettes. The deputies' report did not address the man's story about his wife and child being murdered.



NOV. 21, 2:05 P.M.

A group of construction workers reportedly harassed a woman—but not in the usual way one might expect them to pester a female, a PCSD report said.

The woman met a deputy at her home, which was two doors down from houses under construction. She said that every day the workers there played their portable stereo at an incredibly high volume. She said that when she asked them to tone it down, they did so, but then cranked it up even louder once she left. She said that she had called deputies to the site several times before, but that the workers turned the sound down whenever law enforcement was spotted. She said she also contacted the builder, and that he had sided with the construction workers.

The deputy advised her to take a video of the workers playing the music loudly for use as evidence. She said she would try.

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