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A heavily tattooed man ran around the Foothills Mall and surrounding stores shirtless while bleeding profusely, acting violently and generally horrifying incredulous holiday shoppers, according to a Pima County Sheriff's Department report.

Deputies responded to a call from an Applebee's restaurant near the mall, where the manager told them a tattooed young man wearing only shorts had entered the restaurant with blood pouring from the back of his head. He reportedly punched out a fire alarm and yelled "Fuck!" repeatedly in front of diners before heading toward the nearby Macaroni Grill.

One witness said the man later walked through an Albertson's parking lot and threw "a hatful of blood" at his car. Another witness saw the man inside the Albertson's—still shirtless and bleeding. The man reportedly grabbed a six-pack of Bud Light and walked around the store drinking beer and yelling at customers. He also intentionally shattered a bottle of chardonnay before leaving the store with several more beers he hadn't paid for. He then headed toward the mall. When deputies spotted him there, a foot chase began. They finally captured the man, who had managed to hold on to the stolen beer, near Famous Footwear.

The man told deputies that people were trying to "get" him and that he ran from deputies because he did not want to "take a ride in (their) wagon." He tried to explain the blood flowing from his head by saying he had "hit a tree" while he was running.

The man was arrested on multiple charges and taken to Northwest Hospital for treatment of his head wound.



An adult male decided to do a bit of nude sunbathing in a grassy spot at his trailer-park residence, a PCSD report stated.

A deputy spoke with the man's mother, who said he'd been behaving erratically recently, and that morning he'd nonchalantly walked outside their residence naked and stretched out on their lawn.

When the mother tried to bring him inside, declaring there were children around, he reportedly ignored her. He later went back inside their trailer (still nude) as the mother was on the phone with the Sheriff's Department. The mother said he snatched the phone from her hands and talked with the dispatcher before returning it to her and spitting in her face. He then got dressed and fled the scene, jumping a nearby fence.

Deputies found the man nearby and transported him to the Crisis Response Center. The report didn't say whether drugs, alcohol or mental illness were suspected as factors in the man's behavior. The mother said it was unlike him to act the way he had.

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